Custom stack for demanding creatives

we develop your ideas

stakwe is not a design agency. We develop for the web your design and creativity, and deliver fast and efficient websites with all the added value of the modern stack architecture. We don’t design, we leave that to you.

we understand creativity

stakwe is a project of Elizabeta Evtimova - front-end web developer, and Paolo Torchio - brand strategist.

"We speak art and copy because we deeply and fully understand the creative community, having been part of it for over 30 years. We understand creativity, and we cherish the importance of every detail being perfect."

-- Paolo Torchio

latest and greatest, and custom

Every project is unique, with its own optimal technology stack and requirements. Do not settle for pre-made templates: experience the flexibility of the custom architecture and layout, and offer your clients better performance, more security, stability, speed, easy maintenance, and cost optimisation.

Expertise: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Hugo, Vue 3, Nuxt, Directus, Supabase, CloudCannon, GSAP, headless ecommerce

get in touch

Send us an email at, or get in touch directly with Paolo or Elizabeta.